Weekly Gaming Events

at Maplewood Hobby

Maplewood Hobby, Inc., has been in the Maplewood area for over 20 years and has been at this location for 10 years. Not only do we sell a wide variety of hobby supplies and accessories, we also provide something a mere internet retailer cannot: An actual place to play. We have multiple tables and a HUGE selection of top-notch wargaming terrain for you to compete over. We are as passionate as you are about the hobby and are more than ready to help novice and expert alike.

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  • Historical Wargaming 7pm-11pm: Every visit a different period of history as we play various historical wargames. $5 fee. 
  •  40K Night Come join one of the longest continually running Friday night 40K game groups in NJ. All levels of experience welcomed!
  • Friday Night Magic!! 7pm- Standard Constructed: $7 FNM Cards Awarded!
  • Open Gaming 
  • Warmachine/Hordes All day!