Sep 242014


Saturday, September 27th


Free:  All materials provided!

Come learn Bolt Action here at Maplewood Hobby

And check out our newly-expanded stocklist of everything Bolt Action!

If you prefer:  Feel free to bring your Bolt Action Armies

Lets roll some dice and blow things up!

More info on Bolt Action Here:





Aug 082014


 Running the Gauntlet!

  • Saturday August 23rd
  • 10:00am Registration, 11:00 Game Time.
  • Softcore Format; 1 List, 50pts, Models don’t have to be fully painted to participate.
  • $10.00 Entry Fee.
  • Following awards will be given out:
    • 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall
    • Executioner
    • Master Craftsman
    • Mage Hunter
    • Vanquisher
    • Best Painted Army
    • Best Painted Single Mini
  • As always, Coins and Certs are also awarded
  • 15% off all Privateer Press products for tournament players only.
  • The numbers of rounds will be determined by players.
  • Players will receive points in the Running the Gauntlet Tournament Series based on awards placement and finial standings. These rules are located on the Privateer Press Forums under Official Demos and Events.

Come see what all the buzz is about here at Maplewood Hobby:

 Your Warmachine/Hordes HQ!!!


Dec 112013

 Bizarre Bazaar

Holiday Edition 2013


This year we are auctioning off more lots than ever!

If you are new to Bizzare Bazaar here is how it works:

People may enter lots for sale and set both minimum and “buy it now” prices for their items.

We place all the merchandise in the middle of the store for auctioning and one by one we auction them off

People who sold their lots are given store credit for the amont we get for their items that can be used immediately or saved for another day!

On top of this the store will be selling some awesome items including a brand-new in the box Space Marine Starter army for starting bid $1!!

Starts promptly at 1pm Sunday, December 22nd

Please note that you may bring lots to sell ahead of time and you do NOT need to be here for the auction of these lots. We will inform you of the credit you have and you can use it at a later date.

Dec 052013


40K logo


  • Saturday, December 21rst
  • 2000 points
  • $10 Entry Fee
  • 10AM Start time
  • 3 rounds
    • 1st place:  $100 in GW Store Credit
    • 2nd place $40 in GW Store Credit
    • 3rd pace $20 in GW Store Credit
    • Best Painted Single Model $25
  • Scenerios will be selected from the main Warhammer 40K Rulebook