Jul 272015

Escalation League

40K Fall Season

Escalation League

July 31st –> October 30th

Army Composition:

Each of the League

  • Battleforged Lists ONLY
  • You are responsible for keeping ONE model consistent the entire league. This model is your warlord. He/She/It MUST be named!


Additional Scoring

All HQ Painted ‘+1
All Troops Painted ‘+1
All Elites Painted ‘+1
All Fast Attack Painted ‘+1
All Hvy Support Painted ‘+1
* If you have no elite/f attack/hvy support troops are worth an extra +1 (each)


Win 15pts
Draw 10pts
Loss 5pts










Record Your Game

  • Have the store record your scores
  • The top 10 scores of the league count for each player
    • A 0 will be factored into the average for each game under 10 played (play a lot of games!)
  • Do not keep playing the same opponent. Self police this please
  • Final Battle between top 2 champions in October!
  • Every (consistent*) league participant gets prizes!

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