Jan 012015


Saturday, January 31st

Starts promptly at 1pm


If you are new to Bizarre Bazaar here is how it works:

People may enter lots for sale and set both minimum and “buy it now” prices for their items.

We place all the merchandise in the middle of the store for auctioning and one by one we auction them off

People who sold their lots are given store credit for the amount we get for their items that can be used immediately or saved for another day!

On top of this the store will be selling some awesome items including a brand-new in the box Space Wolf  army for starting bid $1!!

Starts promptly at 1pm Saturday, January 31st 

Please note that you may bring lots to sell ahead of time and you do NOT need to be here for the auction of these lots. We will inform you of the credit you have and you can use it at a later date.

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